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Well-Being is Your Natural State

November 29, 2017

Our Innermost Being is always in a state of Well Being. Through a constant resting on this Innermost Being, you are always in relationship with this source of Well Being. Through making this a part of your daily life, life takes on new meaning.


You see changes in your outer world.  It's about resonance. You're resting on Well-Being all.the.time.




The activity of the mind and the way that it draws negative thoughts and emotions like fear, anxiety, worry, depression, hopelessness is not able to be active and impact you in this state of Well-Being. Because of this, your life draws the experiences you want - you feel Healthy and Exuberant, your relationships rest on Warmth, Care and Enthusiasm.  Your Financial Health is High and income flows with a smooth and Joyful Ease.


 You live the story that is the birthright of your innermost Being.


This comes through practice and is supported by the meditations we learn together.  They teach you over time to rest in this state as your natural and consistent state.  


The thing that REALLY makes this works is the IST techniques.  Because when you start down this path it is natural for self-judgement to come in.  This is a habit of your mind which is part of the astral body - the seat of emotions, beliefs, coping mechanisms and embedded heaviness from old and repeating patterns and experiences.  IST releases all this so that there is a Lightness of Being.  You are freed from the heaviness. 


With your energy free of these habits, you are able to enjoy your natural state of well-being and a life that suits this.  


So IST is the troubleshooter - when you feel a place where you are getting caught or stuck, you use IST to source and release it.


And the meditation and in-the-world- practices allow you to practice enjoying this harmonious state that brings a life that is aligned with this - And this informs your Relationships, Wealth, Health and Enjoyment of Life!

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