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Open Your Eye...

November 28, 2016




Heart opening is a basic need. It's like Gold.


Using your third eye as a doorway into your heart so that they have a conversation leads to this; it creates a great momentum of opening.


What do you do with this great opening? You can see yourself for what you really are (the Divine.) And this is so hopeful, because deep down we know who we are and this third eye-heart tool gives you a way to see what you really are and a place to hold it even in everyday life. There's a fluidity of perception. And through this third eye-heart tool, you unlock the access to the perception that is already happening.


Vision is an experience that is available for us. There is an experience that we are not allowed to do this.  And yet when we unlock this know how, this fluidity is very freeing, it's a playful thing that we can do. This skill is already there, it's about recognizing it and using it. Unlocking this knowing of the tool that is already there.


The third eye as an organ of vision. There is a space that opens up and it works. And there is a deep nourishment of your being- a closeness with yourself, with inner worlds, with life. 




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