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The Heart Of Relationship

January 6, 2017

Make Your Relationships Shine.



What if the core of your relationships with your loved ones was a caring that ran so deep that you believed in your partner....no matter what?  


What steps can be taken to assure that a women's essence is cherished and a man is made more powerful through love?


What if unconditional love was not simply a concept, but something that you could offer your partner everyday?


Great relationships have a few things in common that can be understood through the lens of how our subtle bodies work. Through partner IST, you learn how the different levels of our subtle bodies relate to the person you are in love with:

  • How to set men up to "win" in their relationships. 

  • How to meet a woman's deepest need in a way that cherishes the feminine.

  • How to develop daily couple rituals that create ease and fulfillment.



Our relationship is our home base. Daily misunderstandings and hurts lead to separation. Without navigation tools, these things take on a life of their own, and our relationship 'home base' is destabilized.


IST with a partner or to prepare for a partner can change your way of relating forever.



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