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What Does IST Look Like?

December 12, 2016

In the IST Technique, the Third Eye acts as a Powerful Gateway Into Deep Subconscious Levels of the Psyche


You experience a metaphysical unraveling of  patterns, emotions, attitudes, likes and dislikes which ensue from  emotional imprints. These imprints may have occurred in this life time or in previous lifetimes. Regardless, they can have negative effects on your ability to manifest the life you want and feel happy, healthy and empowered.


IST addresses pre-recorded messages that effect the way your life plays out.

It is like rowing a boat with the anchor down. These emotional charges keep you stuck. You can row for years and lifetimes and not move unless you deal with the anchor.


What Will Your First Session Look Like?


During your initial 90 minute session, you will share important details of your life history. Significant life events, accidents, illnesses, family history and concerns you have about your life and talk about what it is you want to see change. Then you will learn the technique for opening and moving into the Third Eye space. After practicing this, you will lie down. A spot will be pressed that corresponds to what you are sourcing and we will begin to move inward. Clients often experience feeling sensations, seeing colors or light, feeling emotions or suddenly feeling that they are themselves at an earlier time in their life or in another life time. As the space unfolds, I will ask questions that help you to go deeper and you will at times feel a deep letting go of old hurts and opening into larger, more timeless parts of yourself that were trapped under the emotional blockage.



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December 12, 2016

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